Meet the special people and big cats of AfriCat. AfriCat is located on Okinjima farm in Namibia. It is a non-profit foundation dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orphaned, injured, or caged leopard, lion, and cheetah. Although AfriCat's goal is to return as many animals as possible to the wild, they also provide a home for those unable to survive on their own. Carla Conradie and Dave Houghton are the dedicated staff responsible for the full time operation of AfriCat. I was fortunate to spend a few days behind the scenes with them.

photo by Mark Crowe

These cheetah are known as The Addams Family - Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley, & Wednesday. They were rescued from their dead mother's womb and hand fed at AfriCat to save them. Although these cheetah cannot survive on their own in the wild, the goal at AfriCat is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release as many big cats as possible.
photo copyright Becci Crowe

photo by Ivan Carter
This airplane is equipped with special radio telemetry equipment to monitor the progress of collared cats being rehabilitated in expansive fenced natural habitat areas for future release. It was exciting to be in the air and see the benefits of this technology first hand.
This collared leopard was located with radio telemetry and darted with sedation for a physical exam. He's doing beautifully and is one of AfriCat's many success stories as he will ultimately be released back into the wild.
photo by Ivan Carter

photo by Ivan Carter
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